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Digital Acquisition Program
Multi-Channel Cross-Platform
Dynamic Audience Profiles
Using the latest People-Based Cross-Device Targeting and Deterministic Logic, we identify your competition’s customers with the highest propensity to do business with Your Dealership.
Social Media Advertising
We gather the top rated reviews for your dealership and put them directly into your audience’s social media feed.
Display Advertising
We keep Your Dealership’s Offers Visually Present and Front of Mind across ALL of their devices on the top Premium Display Network’s more than 2 MILLION WEBSITES.
YouTube Advertising
We create 6 Second Bumper Videos that Play Before Videos across all of YouTube’s Millions of Hours of Content.
Email Marketing
Our platform uses the latest cross-device behavioral display targeting and Send Time Optimized Emails to serve as a catalyst for connectivity allowing us to actively place your weekly and monthly specials and incentives, in front of your Competitor’s Customers using our AudienceLync Pixel technology.
Search Engine Marketing
We Target and Capture the competitions customers in Real-Time, when they are Actively Shopping online at the search bar.

We then Verify they are Local and Human instead of Fake Bot Traffic. Next, we drive them to Your Site and Showroom instead of your competitors.
Transparent Reporting
Know when, where, and how we are reaching your Targeted Audience in real-time with our Transparent ROI Reports.
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